Moore County Agricultural Fairgrounds -
General Rules of the Moore County Agricultural Fair
Exhibitors will please note carefully the special rules for each department and comply with them. It is the desire of the officers and members of the Moore County Fair and the Moore County Agricultural Fair, Inc. to make the fair the best in its history. It is also their desire to encourage in every way possible the display of agricultural products. No peddling, hawking, vending raffles, sales privilege, or side shows will be allowed upon the ground at any time except for special permission from the Secretary. 
The fair will open Tuesday, September 23 at 5 p.m. and continue through Saturday, September 27, 11 p.m. All doors and gates will be closed to visitors at 12:00 midnight. All visitors must be off grounds at this time. Visitors will not be admitted to the exhibit halls on Monday while exhibits are being accepted or on Tuesday while exhibits are being judged. Entering the Fairgrounds by any other way than through gates is forbidden; violators will be prosecuted.
Pass-out checks will be issued at main gate only. Exhibitors passes will be issued for one admittance only. Exhibitor passes will be issued to exhibitors who exhibit five or more items.  Exhibitor passes do not provide ride privilege on the midway.
Exhibitor Classification
For each department and class, there will be separate divisions: youth 12 years and under, youth 13 through 15; youth 16 through 18; and adult. These divisions will be denoted by color. Each division will be judged separately.
A ranking system is the policy of the Fair and in every case the judge will be selected with the utmost care, and as far as possible will be of State reputation. The decision of the judges will be final unless a written protest is handled to the Fair Manager, who will promptly bring it before the Fair Board of directors. Any exhibitor attempting to interfere with the judges during their adjudications or who publicly expresses disapproval on the Fair Grounds, of the decision o the judges or who by act or influence, shall be guilty of conduct unbecoming an exhibitor, shall forfeit the premium and be excluded from further competition. No money will be paid on anything exhibited not listed in the catalog. Judges are requested not to place ribbons on anything not listed in the book, unless approved by the Fair Secretary.
Payments of Premiums
Premiums will be paid at the Fair Office on Sunday, Sept.  2, 1 p.m. The officers of the Fair will withhold the premium in an y case in which it appears that fraud or deception has been attempted or the rules have not been observed.
Commercial Exhibits – Booths
Reasonable space will be allowed all exhibitors up to the capacity of the buildings and ground but exhibitors must provide their own table, shelves, showcases, etc., unless such as now are the premises will suite their own use.
The Secretary will enter and care for all articles shipped prepaid to him, but all articles shipped “Collect” will be refused.  Please notify the Secretary by mail of all shipments.
Acceptance of Entries
Exhibits will be received in Exhibit Buildings on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 26 from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. and Monday, Aug. 27 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. No exhibits may be removed until after 1 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 2, except where indicated in this writing.  Exhibit buildings will be closed to the public during judging on Tuesday.  Ribbons will be placed on winning exhibits immediately following judges decisions and exhibit buildings will re-open for public viewing at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 27.  Exhibits entered in previous fair will NOT be accepted or judged. All exhibits of conserved products MUST be standard (name brand) clear glass jars or jelly glasses.  NO OTHER TYPES OF JARS WILL BE ACCEPTED. THE JARS MUST HAVE RINGS ON THEM. All products must be canned by the person entering them. Each entry must be owned by the exhibitor at the time of the event. An entry bought or borrowed will be disqualified. Exhibits must have completed within the last year (since last fair) OR have never been entered in a previous fair. All taxidermy entries must have been done by the person entering them (not the person who caught or bagged the animal). Baked goods must be placed on a paper plate or cardboard and wrapped with clear plastic wrap. Judges will cut a small portion of the cake in judging. Any needlework, crafts, paintings or sewing may be covered with plastic wrap for protection from dust. Premiums awarded to Moore County Fair Exhibitors only unless otherwise stated. If gate receipts do not justify payment of premiums offered premiums will be reduced pro rata. Entries will be accepted up to the capacity of the accommodations only. If only one entry is made in a class, second prize will be awarded, unless the judges unanimously agree it is worth a blue ribbon award and prize. NOTE: Beef, Swing and Rabbits will be received before 12 noon on Monday. Fowl and Poultry will be received before 12 noon on Monday.  When all space has been assigned, entries will be declined.
Release of Entries
Exhibitors must claim their property at the close of the Fair but no exhibit shall be removed or disarranged previous to 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 28 or without delivering the proper coupon to the secretary. Livestock and poultry may be removed Saturday, Sept. 27 after 10 p.m. Booths may not be removed prior to Sunday, Sept. 2. Exhibitors must call for property no later than 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept.25, unless other arrangements have been made with the Fair Secretary
Any person attending the Fair either for pleasure or for business does so at his own risk. Exhibitors or others bringing property of any kind upon the Fair Grounds, either as exhibitors or otherwise, do so at their risk; and the corporation shall not be liable for loss or damage to such property from any cause whatsoever, and no such liability shall be created or presumed from any supervision over exhibits exercised by the corporation or any of its officers or employees. Every reasonable effort will be made by the officers of the Moore County Agricultural Fair, Inc. and those in charge to protect the property or exhibition from loss or dame. The distribution of handbills or other advertisements is strictly prohibited on grounds except by permission of the Moore County Agricultural Fair, Inc. The Fair Manager and Fair Treasurer shall act as official spokesmen for the Fair and shall be responsible for decisions and otherwise covered by the premium book.
Department "A"- Educational Booths
A.1...Extension Club Exhibits: Booths must be the product of the clubs exhibiting. This will be educational exhibits showing some phase or project of Home Demonstration Club work. 1st, $50 and ribbon; 2nd, $40 and ribbon; 3rd, $30 and ribbon; others, $25.
A.2...Educational Exhibits: Open to any school club, such as FHA, FFA, Beta Club, etc. Prizes: 1st, $50 and ribbon; 2nd, $40 and ribbon; 3rd, $30 and ribbon; others $25.
A.3...Scout Exhibits: Best troop exhibit from Moore County Scout Troop showing some phase of scouting. Prizes: 1st, $50 and ribbon; 2nd, $40 and ribbon, 3rd, $30 and ribbon; others, $25.
A.4...4-H Club Exhibits: Open to 4-H Clubs in Moore County. Prizes: 1st, $50 and ribbon; 2nd, $40 and ribbon; 3rd, $30 and ribbon; others $25.
A.5...Agricultural Exhibits: Open to all Agricultural agencies and groups/organizations pertaining to agricultural products in Moore County. Prizes: 1st, blue ribbon; 2nd, red ribbon; 3rd, white ribbon; $25 expense money to each entering.
A.6...Community Exhibits: Open to all NON-PROFIT civic, community and social organizations in Moore County. Prizes: 1st, blue ribbon; 2nd, red ribbon; 3rd, white ribbon, $25 expense money to each entering.
A.7...Public Service: Open to all public service groups and organizations in Moore County; including all departments of the County of Moore. Prizes: 1st, blue ribbon; 2nd, red ribbon; 3rd, white ribbon, $25 expense money to each entering.
A.8...Demonstrations: Open to all non-profit civic, community and social organizations in Moore County. Demonstrations will be the skills of the registered group. Demonstrations will be conducted in the designated area from 7 to 9 p.m. The purpose of demonstrations are to display social group activities that can not be conducted in a regular booth setting. Demonstrations will be judged on the same judging scale as educational booths. Prizes: 1st, $50 and ribbon; 2nd, $40 and ribbon; 3rd, $30 and ribbon, others $25.
Any booth unworthy of consideration will not be judged and will not receive expense money.  The decision is to be made by the judges.  All display should be completed and registered with the Fair Secretary by 4 p.m., Sunday Aug. 28 and must remain in place until 12 noon Sunday, Sept. 4. They must be removed by 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept.5.
Scoreboard for Booths
     1. Presentation
        a. Simplicity (is the theme and purpose of the exhibit easily understood?)                           15 points
       b. Organization (is the Objective of the exhibit definitely and clearly shown?)                   15 points
       c. Attractiveness and general appearance                                                                                   15 points
     2. Educational Value (Does the exhibit inspire, motivate and suggest ways to take action
    or improve?)                                                                                                                                         55 points
                                                                                                                             100 points
         DEPARTMENT "B"
   All exhibits of conserved products MUST BE STANDARD (NAME BRAND) CLEAR GLASS, PINT OR QUART JARS OR JELLY GLASSES. No other types of jars will be accepted. All products must be carried by the person entering them.All jars must have rings on them. Only one entry per person in each class in each division is allowed. An entry consists of one jar.
     In order to award premiums on quality basia, all containers except canned fruits, vegetable and meats will be opened should judges desire. Unless an article is good quality, no premium will be awarded.
      All low-acid foods such as meats and vegetables should be processed in a steam pressure canner.
      All fruit, pickles, jams and preserves should be processedin a water bath canner.
Appearance-Color(25), Clearness(20)                45 points
Texture                                                           15 points
Uniformity-Ripeness(10), Appropriate Size (5)   15 points
Pack arrangement ( Fancy pack is not necessary)15 points
Container-Appropriate(5), Neatness(5)               10 points
                                                                       100 points
Canned Fruits                      1st           2nd          3rd
B-1 Apple (whole or Sliced)  $2.00         $1.50       $1.00
B-2 Apple Sauce                  $2.00         $1.50       $1.00
B-3 Blackberries                  $2.00         $1.50       $1.00 
B-4 Cherries                        $2.00        $1.50       $1.00
B-5 Dewberries                    $2.00         $1.50       $1.00
B-6 figs                               $2.00         $1.50       $1.00
B-7 Peaches                         $2.00         $1.50       $1.00
B-8 Pears                             $2.00         $1.50       $1.00
B9- Plums                             $2.00         $1.50       $1.00
B10- Other (Best Variety)      $2.00         $1.50       $1.00
CANNED VEGETABLES               1st              2nd           3rd
B-15 Apsparagus                     $2.00           $1.50          $1.00
B-16 Beets                              $2.00           $1.50          $1.00
B-17 Butterbeans                     $2.00           $1.50          $1.00
B-18 Carrots                            $2.00           $1.50          $1.00
B-19 Corn                                $2.00           $1.50          $1.00
B-20 English Peas                     $2.00           $1.50          $1.00
B-21 Field Peas                        $2.00           $1.50           $1.00
B-22 Lima Beans                      $2.00           $1.50           $1.00
B-23 Okra                                $2.00           $1.50           $1.00
B-24 Potatoes (white)               $2.00           $1.50           $1.00
B-25 Pumpkin                           $2.00           $1.50           $1.00
B-26 Sauerkraut                       $2.00           $1.50            S1.00
B-27 Squash                             $2.00           $1.50            $1.00
B-28 String Beans                     $2.00           $1.50            $1.00
B-29 Sweet Potatoes                 $2.00           $1.50            $1.00
B-30 Tomato Combination         $2.00           $1.50            $1.00
B-31 Tomatoes                         $2.00           $1.50            $1.00
B-32 Zucchini                           $2.00            $1.50            $1.00
B-33                                        $2.00            $1.50            $1.00
B-34 Other (Best Variety)          $2.00            $1.50            $1.00
B-35 Apple                                $2.00            $1.50            $1.00
B-36 Blackberry                         $2.00            $1.50            $1.00
B-37 Dewberry                          $2.00             $1.50            $1.00
B-38 Grape                               $2.00             $1.50            $1.00
B-39 Tomato                            $2.00             $1.50            $1.00
B-40 Other (Best Variety)          $2.00             $1.50            $1.00
Size & Shape                                10 Points
Flavor                                          30 Points
Texture                                        30 Points 
Color                                            15 Points
Proportion of Pickle to Liquid         10 Points
Container                                       5 Points
PICKLES & RELISHES                       1st                 2nd                3rd 
B-44 Artichoke (Relish)                  $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-45 Artichoke (whole)                  $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-46 Beets                                    $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-47 Bread/Butter Pickle               $2.00               $1.50              $1.00
B-48 Chow Chow                           $2.00               $1.50              $1.00                       
B-49 Cucumber (sour)                   $2.00               $1.50              $1.00
B-50 Cucumber (sweet)                 $2.00               $1.50              $1.00
B-51 Cucumber relish                    $2.00               $1.50              $1.00
B-52 Dill Pickles                            $2.00               $1.50              $1.00
B-53 Green Tomato                      $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-54 Mixed Pickles                       $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-55 Mustard Pickles                    $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-56 Peach (sweet)                      $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-57 Pear (sweet)                        $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-58 Pepper Relish                       $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-59 Pickled Relish                       $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-60 Pickled Cauliflower               $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-61 Pickled Crapapples               $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-62 Pickled Eggs                        $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-63 Pickled Okra                        $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-64 Pickled Other (best Variety)  $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-65 Pickled Peppers                    $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-66 Pickled Tomatoes                 $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-67 Salsa                                   $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-68 Squash Pickles                     $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-69 Tomato Catsup                    $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-70 Tomato Sauce                      $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-71 Watermelon Rind (sweet)     $2.00                 $1.50              $1.00
B-72 Any Other Unlist                   $2.00                 $1.50              $1.00
Fruit                                                  5 points
 A. Shape                       10
 B.Clearness & Color       15
 C. Flavor                       15
 D. Texture                     10
 E. Pack                           5
Syrup                                                 45 points
A. Clearness & Color         15
B. Flavor                          15
C. Consistency                  10
D. Proportion of Juice        10
                                                            100 points
Preserves                                        1st                 2nd              3rd
B-74 Apple                                      $2.00              $1.50             $1.00
B-75 Blackberry                               $2.00              $1.50             $1.00
B-76 Blueberry                                 $2.00              $1.50             $1.00
B-77 Cherry                                     $2.00              $1.50             $1.00
B-Crabapple                                     $2.00              $1.50             $1.00
B-79 Dewberry                                 $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-80 Fig                                          $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-81 Grape                                      $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-82 Peach                                      $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-83 Pear                                        $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-84 Plum                                       $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-85 Strawberry                              $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-86 Watermelon Rind                    $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
B-87 Other (best Variety)                $2.00              $1.50              $1.00
JELLY -Score Card
Gentral Appearance-color (10), Clearnes(10)
Lack of Crystals (10)                                              30 points
Flavor                                                                   30 points
Consistency                                                           35 points
Container                                                                5 points
                                                                             100 points
JELLY                                         1st                   2nd              3rd
B-88 Apple                                 $2.00                 $1.50            $1.00
B-89 Blackberry                          $2.00                 $1.50            $1.00
B-90 Blueberry                            $2.00                 $1.50            $1.00
B-91 Crabapple                           $2.00                 $1.50            $1.00
B-92 Dewberry                            $2.00                                                                            
B-93 Grape                                 $2.00                 $1.50             $1.00
B-94 Peach                                 $2.00                 $1.50             $1.00
B-95 Pear Honey                         $2.00                 $1.50             $1.00
B-96 Pepper Jelly                        $2.00                 $1.50             $1.00
B-97 Plum                                  $2.00                 $1.50             $1.00
B-98 Stawberry                           $2.00                $1.50             $1.00
B-99 Watermelon                       $2.00                $1.50              $1.00
B-100 Other (best variety)          $2.00                $1.50              $1.00 
Smoothness                                     20 points
Flavor                                              35 points
Consistency and Texture                   30 points
Color and Clearness                          10 points
Container                                          5 points
                                                       100 points
 Jams are made from crushed fruits, usually small ones, and are cooked to a smooth jelly-like consistency. Butters are made from fruits which contain a large proportion of the fleshy material with the seeds and skin discarded. Jams and fruit butter should have an air tight seal, not paraffin.
B-101 Apple                                     $2.00          $1.50         $1.00
B-102 Blackberry                              $2.00          $1.50         $1.00
B-103 Blueberry                                $2.00          $1.50         $1.00
B-104 Crabapple                               $2.00          $1.50         $1.00
B-105 Dewberry                                $2.00          $1.50         $1.00
B-106 Grape                                     $2.00          $1.50         $1.00
B-107 peach                                     $2.00          $1.50          $1.00
B-108 Pear                                       $2.00          $1.50          $1.00
B-109 Plum                                       $2.00         $1.50           $1.00
B-110 Strawberry                              $2.00          $1.50          $1.00
B-111 Other (best variety)                $2.00           $1.50          $1.00
B114 Apples                                      $2.00           $1.50          $1.00
B-115 Peaches                                  $2.00            $1.50          $1.00
B-116 Other Dried Fruit                     $2.00            $1.50         $1.00
                                DEPARTMENT "C"
                            BREAD, CAKES, COOKIES
       All exhibits shall be put on a small paper plate no larger than 7 inches, One/half (1/2) loaf of bread, constitutes an exhibt; one-half dozen (6) rolls, muffins,candies,cookies or cupcakes constiutes an exhibit. One-fourth(1.4) of a cake or pies constitutes an exhibit, no unbaked, cream or meringue pies will be accepted. Except for decorated cakes. no large plated will be accepted.
         Wilton Enterprises supports our fair by sponsoring awards in addition to our fair premiums for winning cakes (1st) place in the decorated cakes division, both youth and adult. Decorated cakes may be made on dummy pans.
Bread                                       1st           2nd             3rd
C-1 Apple Dumpling                 $2.00         $1.50           $1.00
C-2 Banana Nut                       $2.00         $1.50           $1.00
C-3 berry Bread/Muffins(6)      $2.00         $1.50           $1.00
C-4 Biscuits                             $4.00         $3.00           $2.00
C-5 ceral Breads/Muffins (6)    $2.00          $1.50          $1.00
C-6 Corn Muffins (6)                $2.00          $1.50          $1.00
C-7 Graham or Whole Wheat    $2.00          $1.50          $1.00
C-8 Sweet Potato Bread            $2.00          $1.50          $1.00
C-9 Yeast Bread (1/2 loaf)        $4.00           $3.00          $2.00
C-10 yeast Rolls (6)                  $2.00           $1.50          $1.00
C-11                                        $2.00           $1.50          $1.00
(Some type of bag and tip decorated cakes may be made on dummy pans.)
C-10  Decorated Cake                $6.00            $4.00            $3.00
C-11 Angel Food                        $4.00             $3.00            $2.00
C-12 Chocolate Layer                 $4.00             $3.00            $2.00
C-13 Chocolate Pound                $4.00             $3.00             $2.00
C-14 Coconut Layer                    $4.00            $3.00             $2.00
C-15 Devils Food                        $4.00            $3.00             $2.00
C-16 Friut Cake                         $4.00             $3.00             $2.00
C-17 German Chocolate Layer    $4.00              $3.00             $2.00
C-18 Party Cupcakes (6)             $3.00             $2.00             $1.00
C-19 Plain Cupcakes (6)             $3.00             $2.00              $1.00
C-20 Pound Cake                       $4.00             $3.00              $2.00
C-21 Sponge Cake                     $3.00              $2.00              $1.00
C-22 Spice Cake                        $3.00              $2.00              $1.00
C-23 Best Any Other Layer Cake $3.00               $2.00             $1.00
C-25 Cookies-Drop (6)                 $2.00              $1.00              $.75
C-26 Cookies/Icebox (6)              $2.00              $1.00              $.75
C-27 Cookies/ Bar (6)                  $2.00              $1.00              $.75
C-28 Cookies/Roll                        $2.00              $1.00              $.75
C-29 Brownies                             $2.00               $1.00              $.75
C-30 Cookies/ Shaped                    
        with cookies press (6)           $2.00               $1.00              $.75
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